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The overarching mission of the FSPPM’s educational activities is to help foster sound economic policy and reform in Vietnam by improving the quality of public policy understanding and analysis. This mission is accomplished through three primary educational initiatives:

  • A Two-Year Master in Public Policy (MPP) Program. The program’s objective is to equip Vietnamese professionals with a strong intellectual foundation in policy analysis, management, and leadership.
  • Executive education courses to senior policymakers in the economic and legal aspects of integrating into the global economy.
  • Specialized short courses focusing on fields of key relevance to Vietnam’s economic development, such as economics, finance, and law. 

All of these initiatives depend upon a steady flow of high-quality research to ensure that the curricula remain highly relevant to Vietnam’s constantly evolving economic conditions. Curriculum development efforts are not program-specific; a case study prepared for use in an executive education course targeted at high-level officials might serve as the basis for a new module in the one year applied economics and public policy program. This type of cross-pollination is key to the success of our academic programs.

Master in Public Policy Program

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Public policy education and research for Vietnam

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