Nâng cao năng lực cạnh tranh cụm ngành du lịch ở Tỉnh An Giang
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This thesis studies the competitiveness of the tourism sector in An Giang province, using the cluster approach. The thesis applies an adjusted Michael E.Porter model to evaluate the competitiveness of the tourism cluster in An Giang and finds that even though An Giang province attracts a large number of tourists every year, revenue from the tourism sector is relatively small compared to its competitors, and the activities in the cluster target the low-end market segment. Moreover, spiritual tourism in An Giang province does not demonstrate much growth potential. The tourism sector in An Giang province is duplicating the offerings of other destinations and does not have clear competitive advantages. Therefore, the thesis recommends that the government should not invest heavily in promoting spiritual tourism but should improve the business environment by enhanced infrastructure, education and promotional campaigns. The thesis also suggests that the province should shift its focus from spiritual tourism to heritage tourism.
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Tiếng Anh
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